You've become engaged to the love of your life, checked around and have lots of beach wedding ideas, and picked the perfect beach wedding location.  You've also checked schedules 10-12 months out for your closest family and wedding party, and confirmed the hotel and site for your dream beach wedding.  So the date is set!

Now your friends need to know your beach wedding plans, too - So they can reserve the dates, budget for the travel, arrange time off to combine the wedding with vacation, and have some real fun with this, too.  So what should you do?

Set Up Your Beach Wedding Website

Yes, a website. Communication is critical!  It's now essential for your family and friends to get the information they need to plan their attendance at your wedding, and to be updated as plans evolve.  For example, you may be scheduling special outings and other get-togethers at the beach destination that they will want to know about.  They will want to know what dates other friends are planning to be there, and what kinds of clothes to bring, and other coordination facts.

You can include information about pre-travel parties, plans for your new home, anything you are willing to share about your honeymoon, engagement photos, photos of the beach wedding destination, and lots of other cool ideas.

You can also set up a bridal registry and myriad other details on your wedding website.  But don't worry.  You don't have to know anything about computer programming.  There are some free websites that are as easy as using MySpace or Facebook offered to you by sites such as TheKnot - but there are other low cost but highly effective wedding planning websites that you'll want to check out.

Among the key features you will want are:

* Photo Album
* Blog
* Weather / Maps
* Message Board
* Bios
* Gift Registry
* Guest Book
* Music and Video
* Bulk email to notify everyone at once.

Other great ideas at some of the wedding websites are:
* Bulk email to notify everyone at once of new beach plans, changes, etc.
* Planning and Budgeting Tools
* RSVP Manager

Some beach wedding personal websites even let you print photos, or permit fancy "flash" intros, or have unlimited pages and other great ideas to help you plan, communicate, and manage your dream beach wedding. 

In fact, some of these websites have different levels of service/payment plans.  Most even have a short free trial, so you can try it out and see if the functionality, look and feel is what you want.  After all, this beach wedding is YOUR most special event, and you want it to be truly memorable in every way!

9/16/2009 12:51:32 pm

Thanks for the great checklist of things I need to consider in communicating my own beach wedding ideas to my friends. I'm planning a destination wedding at the beach in 2010 and I was starting to get overwhelmed... until I came here. Thanks again!


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