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Planning A Romantic Beach Wedding

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You are planning your dream wedding on the beach - perhaps because it's the most beautiful, stimulating, romantic wedding site that's already created in Nature. Or because there's a sentimental beach location that's dear to your heart. Or because you want to combine a fun wedding and perfect vacation for your friends and family.  And a beach wedding can be far gentler on the budget with careful planning, too.  

Whatever your reason, you deserve the beach wedding of your dreams.  But in planning a beach wedding, you will be confronted with special considerations that don't exist in a church or synagogue.  So we are dedicated to giving you the beach wedding planning ideas, tips and guidance you need to avoid the many possible pitfalls and ensure that your dream beach wedding day is all you ever wanted and more!

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Beach Wedding Location Ideas - Selecting A Romantic Beach For Your Wedding

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Sparkling waters and glorious sunsets make beach wedding locations some of the most romantic, with soft breezes caressing your face as though to share in the great love you feel for your marriage partner. There are many wedding planning and beach wedding destination do's and don'ts, though, and precautions you must take to ensure your dream beach wedding goes smoothly.  So here are some beach wedding ideas we've found extremely helpful.

  1. Cost.  If you are considering a beach wedding destination far from home, is the travel expense within your budget? Is it within the reach of those you love dearly who simply must share your special day?  Will they have to stay home, or can you afford to assist them with the wedding travel? What about your wedding attendants?
  2. Site Visit.  Definitely perform a site visit to the beach location, even if you have a wedding planner. Scope out the area for ease of access for guests, parking, availability of bathrooms, and nearby shelter for the over-heated or in the event of rain. For older or younger or other special needs guests, make sure they can actually reach the ceremony site without mishap.
  3. Season.  Your wedding location choice must take into account the season of your wedding. Monsoon or hurricane season definitely calls for a "Plan B."  If it's winter, is your beach wedding location sufficiently tropical that your guests won't be chilled?  If it's summer, is your Florida beach locations going to be too hot?  Travel and weather websites are great resources, and can even predict the percentage chance of rain on a particular day and time.
  4. Tides.  Find out what the tidal situation is for your beach wedding location, and what the tide schedule will be for your wedding day. You certainly don't want high tide if you've planned on having your wedding at water's edge, and you don't want your guests swept away!
  5. Rain.  Even in paradise, rain falls, so you must have a "Plan B."  You may have an island beach wedding location that lets you go on "beach time" with a flexible agenda for the day, so you can just wait for a shower to end.  But generally you need to have an alternative, indoor location such as a restaurant, wedding pavillion, hotel room, or clubhouse. Or if you prefer, there are companies who specialize in ceremonial tents and weatherproof shelters, and they are as close as your internet search. They can even help with your decoration plans, because this is their specialty.
  6. Comfort and Time of Day.  Unless your wedding ceremony is late in the day, you need to provide shade for your guests.  You may also need to have on hand water bottles, sunscreen, umbrellas, hand fans, tissues and paper towels. Know the typical seasonal temperature ranges for your beach wedding location and plan accordingly.  Since the hottest time of day is noon to four o'clock, you may want to set your ceremony time an hour before sunset. In some locations, though, that's a bad time for sand flies, another consideration. If possible, you will want to rake the sand a few hours before the ceremony to reduce critters. You also may want to have insect repellent for your guests - and yourself!
  7. Noise and Privacy. You want a slice of beach that is not too crowded, overrun with traffic and tourists, and noisy.  You want your own special stage for your perfect beach wedding.  Seating arrangements help "claim" your space, and guest seating does require attention.  Benches are more stable than chairs in the sand, but chair backs offer more comfort. Either can be circled around the "wedding altar" to help guests hear over the sound of the crashing waves and wind.  A microphone is not a be-all solution, as it will also amplify background noise.

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